A Year in the Life

A series of portrait sessions

“One of the illusions of life is that the present hour is not the critical, decisive hour. Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you ever reflect on where you were at this time last year and marvel at all that has happened, all that has changed and wish you had done a better job of journaling, documenting and relishing this period of time?

What if you had a family biographer to capture these memories for you?

Just think of all the large and small milestones and events of the coming year: a day at the beach, playing in the yard, birthdays, holidays, learning to ride a bike, learning to drive a car, a visit from a special loved one, or a new addition to the family.

Some years that could be especially fitting for this package….

  • First year of marriage, or a milestone year of marriage (hint: anniversary present!)
  • Baby’s first year
  • Puppy’s first year
  • Senior year
  • The year before high school
  • The year with the braces
  • The year that your child will insist on wearing rain boots or superhero attire (or some other ill-fitting, out of season, questionably appropriate item) nearly every day

The point is that any year will do. The best time to capture your family is RIGHT NOW. We have the tendency to think that our lives are just routine, or that there isn’t anything special about the present. A friend asks how we are, and we say, “Fine. Nothing new. Same old, same old.” But the truth is that life is short and ever changing. Unfortunately, we sometimes can only appreciate that by looking back.

You will come away with not only some beautiful images and keepsakes, but with a renewed appreciation for how worthy your life is of being savored and celebrated. I so look forward to getting to know, interact with and capture your family in a truly personal way.

$1200 for 3 sessions, $1400 for 4 sessions

Two options for prints or digital files:

Traditional Package

  • 10×10” leather album with images from the entire year
  • $50 print credit per session

Digital Package

  • Print quality, high resolution digital files on custom usb from the entire year
  • $50 print credit per session

Optional: consider adding photography to your baby, wedding, or house warming registry!