I wouldn’t know first hand – I have a sister and three daughters myself – but the quote below captures what I imagine having a big brother like D might be like for Miss M from what I’ve seen in our times together. I just love this smart and dynamic family. It’s always a pleasure to spend a little time with the four of you.

Best relationship:

Talk like best friends, play like children, argue like husband and wife, protect each other like brother and sister.


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It’s one of those annoying cliches that turns out to be true. Blink. Your newborn is walking. Blink. Third grade recital. Blink. Teenaged angst. Blink. Graduation.

Blink. My sweet friends with whom I shared many fun, single adventures are now the parents of these personality-packed kids.

Thanks for the honor of  chasing them down and capturing a little bit of this time. And for allegedly trespassing on a shut-down federal park with me. Who says our adventures are over?:)







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For the past year or so, maybe longer, I’ve been lamenting how much we all lose ourselves in busyness. We complain about it, but on the other hand we all kind of wear it as a badge of honor. How are you? “Busy, busy!” “Crazy busy!” “I’ve got my hands full!”

Ugh. I’ve tried to avoid the pitfalls.

And, yet. I have three kids. I have a business. I have familial, social, and community obligations. I even have a husband who enjoys spending time with me when I’m not a tornado of activity and logistics. In an effort to keep this particularly busy season sane, I’m limiting the number of sessions I’m going to accept. Below is the basic run down. For more details and up-to-date availability, please email or call me.

I hope I get to see many of my favorite families before the year is out, and that you’ll all join me in trying to slow down and enjoy what’s left of it.


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